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I’m a climate scientist rap: follow up

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I’m a climate scientist, the Hungry Beast rap, is now a modestly-sized intertube virus, having had over 50,000 plays at YouTube. The comments are edifying, not.

Graham Readfearn has talked to a few of us to outline the reasons why we took part in such a risky, but funny, process;
posted on his blog and re-posted at Crikey.

The clip has been picked up at Deltoid, Hot-Topic and the HuffPo where there is actually a worthwhile discussion of the pros and cons going on.

The denialosphere is aghast at the obscenity, wondering how low the science will go. Find your own links if you have to look.


Written by Roger Jones

May 13, 2011 at 5:34 pm

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Northern Victorian Flood Review I

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This post reviews some of the events that led to the northern Victorian floods of January 2011. Part II looks at the hydrological influences and Part III on the climatic influences on the floods. Recommendations for the flood review are made in Part III.

There are two flood enquiries happening in Australia at the moment. The one in Queensland is understandably much higher profile because of the loss of life and damage caused. It has the powers of a Royal Commission, so can subpoena, call witnesses and cross examine.

Victoria’s enquiry is a review. Former Police Chief Neil Comrie has been appointed to examine matters extending from flood prediction and warning all the way through to access to emergency funding and government services. Public meetings are being held in affected areas and written submissions are being taken until May 27.

The biggest difference is the Review is more reflective and will address the information delivered, whereas the Commission is investigative and is charged to assess contributing cause to the disaster and its management. It can interrogate.

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Written by Roger Jones

May 13, 2011 at 2:37 pm