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Our Say: The Climate Agenda

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The Sunday Age has launched a conversation with the public on climate change. In partnership with the newly formed social media group Our Say, they are encouraging the public to ask questions about climate change, with a view to having those questions expertly addressed. Already the site has erupted into a battle for hearts and minds as Andrew Bolt’s blog has encouraged his acolytes to make their views heard.

There are a heap of questions already posted. Readers have to click down a number of times to see the all. A couple of examples:

“There are some very vocal and seemingly influential climate change sceptics who have been given well supported platforms by some media organisations in Australia. 2GB’s broadcasting of Alan Jones and News Limited’s publishing of Andrew Bolt is a couple of examples that spring to mind. It appears that these media organisations have the goal of destroying the credibility of anyone who supports the science of and actions to mitigate the effects of human civilization’s influences on earth’s climate. Do these media organisations obtain funding from any corporate, organisational or individual entities with a vested interest in maintain the industrial status quo where unlimited greenhouse gas emissions are largely the norm?”

“The very point of Australia’s carbon tax is to reduce global warming. How much will reducing 5% of Australia’s around 1.5% contribution of global CO2 emissions reduce global temperature by? If the amount is negligible (which it is), then given the present economic turbulence, what is the probability of Australia’s carbon tax inspiring major emitters like USA, China and India to make ACTUAL cuts to their C02 emissions (as opposed to mere carbon intensity) and economic growth?”

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Written by Roger Jones

August 9, 2011 at 2:40 pm

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