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ConspiracyGate!! Researchers collaborate and email each other – Oh noes

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Apparently  those with access to the purloined emails from CRU have built a database of all the researchers mentioned in those emails and it is posted on a site that purports to show the real story behind the ‘few’ activists who are dictating the whole climate-is-changing fiasco. They are also developing exposés into the science of the IPCC to show how shonky it is. Can’t wait. Meantime, the real IPCC is scheduled to release its Fifth Assessment Report Science of Climate Change Summary for Policymakers on September 27.

Of course, the first thing one does with these sites is to see what it says about moi. So I looked myself up, and lo and behold, I am a conspirator of considerable conspiratocracy, appearing twice:

Jones RN
Jones Roger

I have associations with people I have never corresponded with or met. I am linked at second remove with Maurice Strong of Agenda 21. Yes, Agenda 21 is conspiring to outlaw private property under a world government. The Jewish bankers should have been there somewhere, but I didn’t spot them.

They mixed me (RN Jones) up with RG Jones who is Richard Jones of the UKMO. So then I had teh evil thoughts. Who else have they mixed up? He he he (rubs hands).

What about Peter Whetton, my esteemed colleague who, a few years ago after much soul searching, went through gender reassignment and re-emerged as renowned climate scientist Penny Whetton? (Penny is the other half of redoubtable new Greens Senator for Victoria, Janet Rice – a power couple, indeed)

So I found this …. (drum roll):

Whetton Ambiguous
Whetton Penny
Whetton Peter

Ambiguous Whetton – let’s take a look:

Ambiguous Whetton
FamilyName FirstName
Whetton Penny
Whetton Peter

1-1-3: Of the 29757 persons covered by this database, 3 have the family name: Whetton and 134 have the first name: Ambiguous – it is unlikely that incorrect matching has occurred.

Gee, they’re good. You’re going to have to believe everything they say now.

Hat tip to Gareth Renowden of Hot-Topic and others


Written by Roger Jones

September 11, 2013 at 9:34 pm

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  1. Who noes! Bravo!

    Rob Gell 0412 327 185 bhive Group • World Wind • ICES

    Rob Gell

    September 12, 2013 at 1:40 am

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