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Feedback to Coles

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I’m still using supermarkets to purchase a number of household goods despite my misgivings about their practises. This may have to change. Following is some feedback I sent to Coles after riding over to get some milk (organic) and other stuff:

*Very* disappointed to see that Orange Power products have disappeared off the shelves. They are the most effective environmentally friendly commercially available cleaner on the market. In fact, I’ve noticed a reduction in environmental cleaners and products generally – perhaps they are seen as niche products that cannot survive in your war with Woolworths. The benefit of such products is that they have reduced social and environmental costs generally compared to standard products.

It is getting more difficult for me to justify purchasing goods from Coles and Woolies due to cost-cutting policies that are hurting primary producers. I guess I’m the relatively rare consumer who considers the entire supply chain when I purchase goods – that’s the rational basis on what I choose to purchase and where I purchase them.

Orange Power citrus cleaners are the most cost effective way to clean a bike, and considering I ride every day, it’s an essential.


Written by Roger Jones

March 10, 2012 at 6:53 pm